The U.S. must take monroe-Doctrine now!

I have NO intention to support terrorists.

There is no Precedent?
“self-defence groups”?

The U.S. must take monroe-Doctrine now!

We American-99% are living in American-continental peacefully.
Why Europeans are trying to involve us?

I DO love American-99% and the U.S.!

Organisation de l’armee secrete
Organisation de l’armee secrete was a short-lived French dissident far-right paramilitary organisation during the Algerian War (1954?62).
The OAS used armed struggle in an attempt to prevent Algeria’s independence from French colonial rule.
Its motto was (“Algeria is French and will remain so”).

The OAS was formed out of existing networks, calling themselves “counter-terrorists”, “self-defence groups”, or “resistance”, which had carried out attacks on the FLN and their perceived supporters since early in the war.
It was officially formed in Francoist Spain, in Madrid in January 1961, as a response by some French politicians and French military officers to the 8 January 1961 referendum on self-determination concerning Algeria, which had been organized by General de Gaulle.
After the March 1962 Evian agreements, which granted independence to Algeria and marked the beginning of the exodus of the pieds-noirs, the OAS tried by a campaign of assassinations and bombings to stop the ongoing political process.
This campaign culminated in Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry’s 1962 assassination attempt against president Charles de Gaulle in the Paris suburb of Le Petit-Clamart.

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